Jul 122007

Shelfari is “a social interactive social media site for book lovers”.

Using Shelfari, you can create a personal shelf of your books, see what your friends are reading, get and give recommendations for what to read next, create book lists, and even share your opinion on a book with friends or the growing Shelfari community.

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It intends to make money from affiliate marketing/referrals:

we aren’t running any ads on the site. We make money when we help you find new books to read. So when you buy a book through Shelfari on Amazon or another service, Shelfari gets a percentage of that revenue.

The service is also neatly integrated into Facebook, which must surely increase its uptake potential.

True to form, “Fantasy” and “Science Fiction” are among the most popular tags, and the DaVinci Code is the most commented book, but it’s not all bad, and there’s plenty of real books too.

File under “nice”.

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