Our areas of first-hand expertise include:

Publication development:

  • Learned journal launch, including open access models
  • Magazine launch / relaunch
  • Editorial development
  • Creating additional revenue streams

Strategy formulation and implementation:

  • Corporate-, business unit- and publication-level strategy
  • Real-world competitive analysis and response
  • Portfolio development, including disposals and acquisitions
  • “Make, buy or partner” decisions

Market appraisal and analysis:

  • Investigation of new markets (geographic, sectoral, publication type)
  • Market entry strategy and tactical plans
  • Identification of potential partners or acquisition targets

Market research:

  • Publication-oriented research, e.g. author, reader or advertiser study
  • Organisation-level strategic research, e.g. benchmarking, audience analysis, brand perception, stakeholder and staff feedback, etc.
  • Qualitative (structured and semi-structured interviews, focus groups, workshops, etc.)
  • Quantitative (telephone and online surveys)

Project management:

  • Small and large projects, e.g. software/web development, publication launch, acquisition integration

Some recent consulting projects have included:

  • Market sizing, trends and analysis studies (for Outsell) – I researched and published reports covering the size & trends of the overall STM market, the STM ebook market, the STM market in China, and the start-of-the-art for mobile in STM
  • Open access scenario modelling and analysis: Heading for the Open Road was a major study, commissioned by Research Information Network and conducted in partnership with CEPA, of the ways to improve access to STM information, including a detailed review of current access levels, cost-benefit analysis of five alternative scenarios: Green and Gold open access, extensions to licensing and transactional access (“pay per view”). The published report has been influential in setting the debate for open access policy in the UK.
  • New open access “megajournal”: market research / business development appraisal of the potential for a major STM society to launch a new broad-scope OA journal (now successfully launched)
  • Evolution of the STM publishing platform (for Outsell): researched and analysed current trends in electronic and network publishing, and reported on the implications for the STM platform, including a comparison of the major platform vendors
  • Comprehensive business strategy review for a medium-sized academic publisher
  • Research data: two recent studies have looked at the respective implications for publishers and libraries of the fast-growing importance being attached to sharing research data and integrating it with journal publications
  • Business strategy development & mentoring: support and guidance for a newly-promoted executive during the first-time development of a strategic plan for their division
  • Market appraisal: quantification and strategic analysis of an international publishing sector and identification of potential new publications that fit the client’s portfolio. We reviewed the existing publications in the sector, analysed and quantified the advertising market, and conducted qualitative market research among the potential readership base