Nov 212006

One of the better articles on Open Access, Open Access: Beyond Selfish Interests, has just appeared on Richard Poynder’s blog, Open and Shut? It’s a long piece – over 12,500 words – but thoughful and insightful, and goes well beyond the usual rhetoric.

I’m not the first to commend it; Peter Suber and Stevan Harnad have both praised it highly: Peter said

“if I were convening a meeting on long-term strategy, I’d assign this article in its entirety as background reading. I encourage you to read it for the same reason”,

while Stevan said

“… he characteristically takes the OA debate and developments several layers deeper than the one at which most of the usual suspects customarily think and reason. … But I won’t do a critique, because his essay is just too good to harry with niggles. Read it and make up your own mind.”

Over on The Parachute, though, Jan Velterop concedes that while it is well-written (too well written, in fact, since because of this “one may not easily spot that some of his observations are presented as foregone conclusions, yet are not supported or warranted”) but takes issue with a couple of points.

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