Jul 122007

An interesting and potential inspiring post on O’Reilly Radar on the Istanbul Declaration signed at the recent OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy which called on governments to make their statistical data freely available online as a “public good”:

The declaration also calls for new measures of happiness and well-being, going beyond just economic output and GDP. This requires the creation of new tools, which the OECD envisions will be “wiki for progress.” Expect to hear more about these initiatives soon.

This data combined with new tools like Swivel and MappingWorlds is powerful. Previously this information was hard to acquire and the tools to analyze it were expensive and hard to use, which limited it’s usefulness. Now, regular people can access, visualize and discuss this data.

I’m also planning to explore how these new kinds of tools (other examples are ManyEyes, and Gapminder (now owned by Google)) could be used in STM publishing and would be interested to hear about any ideas or initiatives in this direction.

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