May 252007

The Internet Advertising Bureau issued its year-end report for 2006:

Internet advertising revenues (“revenues”) in the United States totaled $16.9 billion for the full year 2006,
with Q3 accounting for $4.2 billion and Q4 totaling $4.8 billion. Internet advertising revenues for the full
year of 2006 increased 35 percent over 2005.

For the third consecutive year, revenues post record results—Total revenues for the 2006 fourth
quarter ($4.8 billion) increased 14 percent from the 2006 third-quarter total of $4.2 billion, and 33
percent from the 2005 fourth-quarter total of $3.6 billion. Full year 2006 Internet advertising revenues
totaled $16.9 billion, up 35 percent versus full year 2005 revenues of $12.5 billion.

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