Jun 282007

I was a bit surprised to see in his presentation “Online Advertising in Scholarly Journals:the Opportunities, Risks, and Rewards” to the STM Spring Conference in April, Richard Newman of the American Medical Association felt it necessary to explain how Google’s AdSense and AdWords programmes work. But on reflection I realised that he was probably right, because many STM publishers have yet to engage with online advertising in any substantial way.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a primer on online advertising, covering the different kinds of advertising, the size and growth of the market, challenges and innovation, current and future trends, and lots of links, I can recommend this recent post on the MediaShift blog: Your Guide to Online Advertising

From time to time, I’ll give an overview of one broad MediaShift topic, annotated with online resources and plenty of tips. The idea is to help you understand the topic, learn the jargon, and take action. I’ve already covered blogging, citizen journalism, presidential campaign videos and various other topics. This week I’ll look at online advertising.

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