Oct 022007

PLoS has launched PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials, the first of a planned series of such Hubs:

Launched in September 2007, the PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials collects PLoS journal articles that relate to clinical trials. The Hub is a destination site for researchers to share their views and build a dynamic, interactive community.

Currently, the PLoS Hub for Clinical Trials features articles originally published in PLoS Clinical Trials, along with clinical trials articles from PLoS ONE.

In the future, this new resource will expand to include articles from all the PLoS titles that publish clinical trials. It will also feature open-access articles from other journals plus user-generated content.

Registered users can rate, discuss and annotate articles in the Hub. More details in the PLos FAQ at Questions about the PLoS Hubs

At present, the Hub is little more than a filtered view of articles from PLoS Clinical Trials and PLoS ONE (which PLoS Clinical Trial is being merged into). But it is interesting to see another publisher attempting to create a destination site for a particular research community – some others (albeit very different approaches) include Elsevier’s OncologySTAT and Topic Pages, and IOP Publishing’s community sites such as MedicalPhysics.org and Environmentalresearchweb.org.

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