Sep 202013
Peer Review: An Introduction and Guide

The Publishing Research Consortium has just published my Peer Review: An Introduction and Guide. Here’s the blurb: Peer Review: An Introduction and Guide (by Mark Ware, published by the Publishing Research Consortium in September 2013) offers a readable overview of the processes used in peer review that assesses its strengths and limitations and looks at [read more]

Jan 282011

I don’t think so, although it’s not hard to find statements in the literature like these: “The peer review system is breaking down and will soon be in crisis: increasing numbers of submitted manuscripts mean that demand for reviews is outstripping supply” “The peer-review system … the foundation on which scientific advance is based, is [read more]

Jul 312009

Against The Grain, a US-based newsletter, has its special issue on peer review out now. It includes an article by me, Current Peer Review Practice and Perceptions: The View from the Field. It’s not currently available online but I’ll be putting up a preprint version shortly. Other articles include Peer Review: The History, the Issues, [read more]

Jan 302009

[Update: the new version has now been released: see The STM Report] I’m about to start an update/revision of the “Scientific Publishing in Transition” paper I wrote for ALPSP/STM in 2006, which attempted to provide an overview of journals publishing issues with data taken from published papers and reports etc. Obviously there’s been a lot of [read more]