Feb 252011

I was pleased to have been invited to talk at the Association of Subscription Agents Annual Conference this week, because otherwise I would most likely not have gone and this would have meant missing an interesting meeting. Nearly all the talks were informative and engaging, and even if not one then usually the other. For [read more]

May 172009

Probably old news for most, but the Library Journal annual survey by Lee Van Orsdel and Kathleen Born is as good this year as ever: Reality Bites: Periodicals Price Survey 2009 (Library Journal, 15 April 2009). The authors are very pessimistic on the impact of the global recession and the prospect for library cuts. They [read more]

Jul 052007

Saur Verlag GmbH, which since 2005 has also included the programme of Max Niemeyer Verlag. Through this acquisition Walter de Gruyter will become the market leader in the subject areas classical studies, philosophy, German studies, linguistics and English and Romance studies, as well as in library sciences and general library reference works.

Nov 152006
Internet advertising continues to grow

The 40.3% year-on-year growth meant that online ads in the UK now represent 10,5% of the advertising market, and is considerably larger than the radio, outdoor and consumer magazines sectors, and is approaching the share taken by national newspapers (11.4%)…. IABUK anticipated that online would overtake national newspapers by the end of 2006.I was pleased to see that spending on interruptive formats, including pop-ups, is declining and now represents 0.7% of all online ads.

Nov 092006

Mind you, whenever I read these kind of growth rate predictions given to a tenth of a percentage point I’m always put in mind of Scott Adams. In The Dilbert Future he said that there are only two ways for predicting the future: “nutty methods” such as reading horoscopes, tea leaves, tarot cards or crystal balls, or methods that “put well-researched facts into a sophisticated computer…