Aug 222007

The advice to societies is to work out in advance exactly what it is you want from a publisher before you start the beauty parade: as in many things in life, if you don’t know what you want, you probably won’t get it.But it seems this “journal transfer market” is potentially under fire as a result of the decision by the American Anthropological Association to move their journals from the University of California Press to Wiley-Blackwell…. They’ve got a membership that in some disciplines is increasingly convinced that the way to do that is more openness in publication and more innovation in publication, but these societies have got sort of addicted to these revenue streams from their publication programs over the last few decades, and are trying to figure out if they want to make the transition to a new model and — if so — how do they navigate the transition.“Of course, the publishers (both commercial and not-for-profit) that are generating these addictive revenue streams argue that their model is the one that has delivered the biggest increase in access to literature ever: their retained capital allowed them to make the technology investments that Lynch speaks of, and the (consortia-based) licensing model has broadened access enormously while simultaneously cutting the average cost per journal article use by an order of magnitude or so.

Nov 172006

From the news alert (Friday Nov 17 2006):US group buys Blackwell PublishingBy Pan Kwan Yuk and Mark OdellJohn Wiley & Sons, the US-listed publishing house, on Friday agreed to buy Blackwell Publishing, the Oxford-based academic publisher, for £572m in cash and debt.The deal may put an end to the long-running feud between the 10 Blackwell family members who control one of Britain’s biggest and best-known privately-held businesses.Blackwell, which traces its history back to a 12-square foot bookshop opened in 1879 in Oxford, has two businesses: publishing and retailing…. Marrying them together makes perfect sense both commercially and for the benefit of the global academic and professional community.“Wiley, which publishes scientific, technical and medical journals, encyclopaedias and online products, said it had already received irrevocable commitments from the principal Blackwell shareholders.The transaction is expected to be completed by early 2007.JP Morgan Cazenove advised Blackwell.